New analysis suggests that the NHS COVID-19 App has prevented 600,000 cases since it was launched – breaking chains of transmission and helping us slow the spread of this deadly virus.

  • The NHS COVID-19 App is a hugely important tool in Britain's pandemic response. It has instructed hundreds of thousands of at-risk people to self-isolate since it launched, helping to slow the spread of the virus.
  • This new analysis shows there is no doubt the NHS COVID-19 app is a vital tool in stopping the spread of coronavirus. The app has informed over 1.7 million users across England and Wales they need to self-isolate – preventing 600,000 cases since it was launched in September.
  • It's on my phone - even though I am not a big user of phone apps. It took me a little bit of effort to install it, but it was worth the time to protect myself and others. If you have a smartphone and have not yet do, the do yourself, your family and your community a favour, take the simple step to protect our communities and loved ones and download it.


Jim said…
Bootleather epidermiology last year would have worked better. the first lockdown testing was stopped, the message was given "you dont need to tell us you are isolating"
there was no test,trace, isololate in place. too old fashioned, not sexy enough.

Instead hold out for a "world leading app", which may well have stopped some infections, but its also missing many more, most people i have asked if they have it say no, all it does is forces you to isolate for 2 weeks. Others wont have it as they dont trust the government, others especially the eldest and most vunerable dont have smartphones.

Holding out for a centralsed smartphone app, rather than using local resourses to carry out test trace and isolate using the nightingale hospitals was one of the biggest failures of the government response to covid.

Basically following a plan but it was a plan to deal with flu, using antivirals and waiting for the cavalry with a vaccine.

A post saying how fantastic the app is, well thats rather ironic really.
Chris Whiteside said…
The app is not the only form of test, track and trace taking place.

But you cannot have it both ways: you cannot reasonably both criticise the App because not everyone has it and not agree with a post urging those who have smartphones and and have not yet downloaded it to do so.
Jim said…

I think you are misrepresenting my argument there.

I am critising using an app over bootleather epidermiology.

the latter would have worked, The fact that I am pointing out reasons why the former does not is very valid.

I was critising the fact the OP was praising how good the app is, not the fact it was suggesting people download it.

Local shoe leather old fasioned epidermiolgoy last march would have worked, holding out for a centrally manged bells and whistles app was a huge failing. That is the point

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