Quote of the day 12th February 2021

“They are our friends, neighbours and colleagues and, from the very beginning, we have been clear we want them to stay.

“That is why we put people at the heart of the scheme, knowing that behind these applications are stories of those who have established roots here.

“We promised we would make it as straightforward as possible for them to continue living their lives here.

“So I’m immensely proud that figures will show five million applications to the EU Settlement Scheme.”

(Home Secretary Priti Patel welcoming the news that five million EU citizens have applied for permission to remain in the UK following Brexit. Those with settled status will enjoy all the same rights as British citizens.

She also announced a £4.5million cash boost to help vulnerable Europeans living here apply for the scheme. The Home Secretary added that she welcomes the massive numbers who had “contributed so much to the UK culturally, economically and socially”.


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