Vaccination update

Over 17.8m vaccination doses have now been administered across the UK, to over 17.2m people. 

In total 17,247,442 people have now had one or both doses of an approved vaccine.


Jim said…
so 25% of the nation (roughly) have had one dose.

Its constantly being stated and advertised that one dose wont give you immunity, but it will stop the disease being lethal and will minimise the chances of hospital treatment.

So yes, one of the few good desisions we have seen was to delay jab 2 in order to give jab 1 to as many people as possible.

But now we have 25% of the most vunerable vaccinated, so covid is no longer lethal to them. This is for a disease that is lethal to the most vunerable 1% of people.

Lets just look at that and then wonder why are we still in lockdown, we need schools and businesses back open. Its fine to Err on the side of caution at times, but not when it involves so many livelyhoods.

Its all well and good saying there may still be a little bit of risk ..............

there is always risk, there is risk when we cross a road. The movie Irobot explored this very issue very well. Basically the robots in the end decided the only way to protect humans was to lock them down to prevent them taking risk.

For too long now the risk has not been great enough to justify the damage of lockdown, not just economic but in terms of mental health and other issues caused by lockdowns.
Anonymous said…
Is 120k++ deaths too few for you Jim?
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said…
Its pretty clear you didn't read what I just wrote. Sugest you do so.

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