Cutting the costs of motor insurance

The Transport Secretary has announced that British drivers are to be spared from an EU insurance hike, as Britain will be repealing an EU rule which would have forced up the cost of insurance by around £50 a year for the average motorist.

  • Following Britain's exit from the EU, we are now able to set our own rules and regulations and ensure that British people are not burdened by unnecessary laws. 
  • Plans are underway to do away with the EU’s ‘Vnuk’ law, which could have forced all motorists to cover the cost of insuring ‘vehicles’ like lawnmowers and golf buggies – even if they don’t use them. By scrapping the law, British drivers will avoid an estimated £50 a year increase in motor insurance costs and a total of almost £2 billion for the insurance industry as a whole. 
  • This move will help the pockets of British taxpayers and is another step forwards in our lives outside of the EU, as we prosper as a country that can set our own rules and regulations.


Anonymous said…
Should mobility scooters,segways etc not be insured?
Chris Whiteside said…
Only people who actually have them should have to pay insurance charges for them!

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