Helping the victims of domestic abuse

The government is making available £125 million to councils across England to help provide victims of domestic abuse and their children access to safe accommodation and essential life-saving services, ensuring they have the support they need to recover and rebuild their lives.

  • Domestic abuse is a heinous crime, one which leaves a significant impact not only on its victims but also their loved ones. The government continues to take steps to tackle this issue, in order to protect and empower victims and survivors in rebuilding their lives. 
  • This funding will help ensure victims and their children can access vital support such as therapy and advocacy in safe accommodation, placing a new duty on councils as a key part of the landmark Domestic Abuse Bill, and is part of a wider package of support which has been put in place for victims of rape and domestic abuse.
  • This is another big step towards helping break the cycle of domestic abuse and protecting some of the most vulnerable in our society. The aim is to transform Britain's response to victims and help them move forward with their lives.


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