Social care

The Prime Minister has called on those seeking new roles to consider social care, as we open registration for short-term opportunities to work in this vital sector - joining the heroic workforce supporting care home residents and those being cared for at home. 

  • Throughout this pandemic, carers have gone above and beyond to protect our parents and grandparents, and to provide them with the support and care they need; without them, we would be truly lost.
  • That is why we are urging everyone – whether you are a job-seeker, or looking for a new career - to consider working in care. This exceptional career choice is tough but rewarding, and we would urge anyone who is thinking of a career in care to come forward and join this heroic workforce.
  • Britain is making great progress on offering vaccines to all older care home residents and care home staff and this recruitment drive will help us fight this terrible virus and help to continue recruiting the right people, with the right values, now and into the future.  


Jim said…
its time to end the lockdown. we have vaccines and the most vunerable have been done, we need to open up the country.

Im glad to see at least chrles walker gets it

Makes the point again here

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