Vaccine take-up

Yesterday the Prime Minister urged everyone eligible to get a vaccine, so we can save lives and get the whole country on the long and hard road back to normality. 

  • Britain's vaccine programme has now reached over 13 million people and is a testament to the monumental effort of NHS workers, volunteers and our armed forces.
  • There has been a certain amount of fake news about vaccines (some of it spread by trolls and bot-farms from Russia) but most people have had the sense to ignore it - indeed the take-up of the COVID-19 vaccines has been better than expected.
  • But there are still nearly 2 million people aged over 70 that we need to reach. So as we continue to vaccinate our most vulnerable at a record pace, the government and health experts are urging anyone aged 70 and over, all frontline NHS and care staff, older care home residents and staff, and all those who are clinically extremely vulnerable who has not yet been vaccinated without some very good reason to come forward and take up the vaccine so that we can save lives, prevent serious illness and take another step on the road to normality.
  • Vaccines are the way out of this pandemic, and every single jab makes us all a bit safer. By getting the most vulnerable vaccinated by 15 February, we will be able to reduce pressure on our NHS and save lives.
  • If you are in any doubt about whether it is right for you or anyone in your family to take the COVID-19 vaccine, or any other vaccine or treatment, you don't need to rely on what you read on the internet (even here) - take advice from an appropriately qualified medical professional.  


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