Vaccination Update


in the UK have now received at least one dose of an approved vaccine.

The Prime Minister today set out the ambition to offer a coronavirus vaccine to every adult in the country by the end of July, allowing us to cautiously return to normality.

  • Over 17.8 million vaccines have been administered across the UK, The next  target is to offer a vaccine to all priority cohorts 1 to 9 by April and all adults by the end of July. 
  • We are now averaging more than 2.5 million doses a week and we have vaccinated 1 in 3 adults in the UK. 
  • We have now offered a vaccine to everyone in the top four priority groups and we have now vaccinated two thirds of people aged between 65 and 69, after invites went out a week ago, with people aged 64 also set to be called forward this week.
  • Britain's vaccination programme has accelerated with nearly 1,000 vaccines being administered a minute at one point and a record 598,389 first doses delivered in one day on 31 January.
  • WThe government has launched a new social media campaign to allow people to show their support for the vaccine roll-out. People will now be able to display a range of images and GIFs on their social media showing ‘I’ve had my vaccine’ or ‘I’ll get my vaccine’.
  • As large numbers of people from at risk groups are vaccinated, we will be able to gather the evidence to prove the impact on infection rates, hospitalisation and reduced deaths. If successful, this should in time lead to a reassessment of current restrictions. Until then it is essential that everyone continues to stay at home, to protect the NHS and save lives.  


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