Long term impacts of COVID-19

The government has today announced £18.5 million to help tackle the lasting effects of long COVID, in funding of new research to help better understand the causes, symptoms and treatment of the condition.

  • There can be lasting and debilitating effects of "long COVID" on people of all ages, irrespective of the extent of the initial symptoms – with 1 in 10 experiencing fatigue, headaches and breathlessness which can affect people for months after their infection.
  • This investment will fund ambitious and comprehensive research programmes across the UK to help understand and address the physical and mental health effects of COVID-19. Through this research, we will build on our knowledge and develop the best treatments to help people recover from COVID-19 in the long term.
  • The UK continues to be at the forefront of scientific research and innovation when it comes to the treatment of COVID-19 - and with this funding, we will better understand long COVID and how to help get its sufferers limit its effect on their daily life.


Jim said…
Currently people face arrest, assault by the police and heavy fines for exercising in a gym. Yet a drive to McDonald's for 12 big macs is classed as an essential journey.
Don't even try to pretend the current authoritarian power snatch and politicisation of the police is being done to keep people healthy.
Chris Whiteside said…
There is no pretence involved. The measures being taken to protect people from COVID are being done to save lives.

Neither the government, in this country or any other, nor the police get everything right, but in this country at least, both are far more concerned with saving iives than grabbing more power.

Policitisation of the police is a danger which has to be avoided under governments of any colour, but for what it's worth I don't think the senior ranks of the police are nearly as politicised as they were becoming at times under New Labour.

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