First steps towards self-driving cars

Initial proposals were published today which could make it possible for the first types of self-driving cars to be used on UK roads by the end of the year - a major step towards making car journeys safer, greener, and more reliable.

  • Self-driving vehicles are the future of transport - they could end urban congestion, improve road safety, and make life easier for people across the country. 
  • That is why the government has today set out how a vehicle fitted with technology which allows it to drive itself in a single motorway lane in slow traffic could be used on UK roads by the end of the year - provided they pass robust safety checks, with the driver able to easily and safety take control when needed. 
  • By reducing human error, which contributes to 85 per cent of accidents, we can continue to make our roads safer while creating thousands of new jobs in an exciting new industry. 


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