The future of British football (after the six UK clubs pulled out of the European Super League)

It is welcome news that six premier league clubs involved from the UK have now decided to withdraw from the European Super League. 

Lot of people who understand football far better than I would claim to have presented a convincing case that a "closed shop" of the existing richest clubs who can never be promoted or relegated and do not face competition from outside their own group would have been very bad for the game.

The government remains committed to the fan-led review of football chaired by Tracey Crouch of football and will work hard to protect the integrity of "the beautiful game."

  •  As the Prime Minister has said, football is in our national DNA. We invented it, we helped export it around the world, and it has been a central part of British life for over a century.
  • While we welcome the decision of these clubs involved to withdraw from the competition, we remain convinced of the need for reform. Our fan-led review, chaired by Tracey Crouch MP, will look at everything we can do as a government to support all football clubs across the country, from governance reform to competition laws and the mechanisms which allow football to take place – so we can ensure this never happens again.
  • Football is for the fans, and the government is on their side – and their voices must always be heard when it comes to the future of our national game.


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