Monday, April 19, 2021

Protecting the vulnerable online

Today the Home Secretary is calling on technology companies such as Facebook to take more action to protect people using their platforms, especially children.

  • An estimated three quarters of a million individuals across the globe are estimated to be looking to connect with children for sexual purposes online at any one time – we have a moral duty to act and protect children online. 
  • But sadly, at a time when we need to be taking more action, Facebook are pursuing end-to-end encryption plans that place the good work and progress achieved so far in jeopardy. This is not acceptable – we cannot allow a situation where law enforcement’s ability to tackle abhorrent criminal acts and protect victims is severely hampered. 
  • The UK government is urging Facebook and other technology companies to deepen their engagement with governments here and around the world to embed the safety of the public in their system designs. The safety and protection of our children depends on it.


Anonymous said...

Not ISPs or Telcos?

Chris Whiteside said...

Last time I looked ISPs and Telcos were considered Technology companies and are therefore included in the form of words used.