Revitalising school buildings

The Conservative government is investing in our schools with almost £1.8 billion available to schools across England this year to help keep their buildings in good condition, so every child is learning in the best possible environment as we level up education.

You only have to look at schools around Cumbria to see this - from Gosforth to Whitehaven, school buildings which were starved of investment under the last Labour government have been or are being rebuilt and our programme to build back better" continues.

  • No child should be held back from achieving their full potential as a result of the condition of the school they attend. 
  • As we build back better, we are transforming schools in the worst condition across England, increasing the annual allocations to maintain school buildings by over 20 per cent this year to £1.8 billion, which comes on top of our one-off injection of £560 million last year. 
  • We have been unequivocal that the best place for a child’s education and life chances is the classroom, and as we deliver on our promise to level up education, we will deliver the ones they deserve.


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