Monday, April 26, 2021

HMS Queen Elizabeth's first operational deployment.

Next month Carrier Strike Group 2021, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, will set sail for its maiden operational deployment.

  • Ther landmark review of the UK's foreign, defence, development and security policy, published last month, committed Britain to having the broadest, most integrated presence in the Indo-Pacific of any European country.
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth and her escorts group will sail to India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the wider region next month, engaging in a series of events to maximise bilateral relations – benefitting Britain's trade and political alliances. 
  • These ships will also conduct a series of joint military exercises, demonstrating our interoperability with allies and enhancing our capabilities to defend against shared threats.
  • This deployment has been closely co-ordinated with our friends and allies in NATO and the Indian Ocean area and this force will exemplify both international and inter-service co-operation. The air group on HMS Queen Elizabeth will include both RAF jets and a squadron of US Marine Corps ones, and besides the carrier, Royal Navy destroyers, frigates and an Astute class nuclear submarine, the group will also include a US Navy destroyer and a Dutch frigate.
  • This deployment will help further strengthen relationships across the globe and demonstrate our commitment to the Indo-Pacific region and confronting threats to international order – symbolising Global Britain in action.

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