Terms of Reference fo the Fan-led review of British Football

The government has set out the terms of reference for our fan-led review of football – outlining how the governance of our national sport can be improved by putting fans’ interests and experience first.

  • Whilst just about everyone has warmly welcomed the decision by all six Premier League clubs to withdraw from the European Super League, the government  remains committed to ensuring football is run for the fans.
  • That is why a fan-led review – run by Tracey Crouch MP - will look closely at the issues of governance, ownership and finance and take the necessary steps to retain the game’s integrity, competitiveness and, most importantly, the bond that clubs have with its supporters and the local community.
  • Football is for the fans, and the government is unequivocally on their side. Our review will ensure fans’ voices are heard when it comes to the future of our cherished national game.


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