Labour's Hartlepool hospital hypocrite

The Labour party appears to be unable to fight an election without accusing their opponents of wanting to cut hospitals. Sometimes they raise issues which are genuine concerns: sometimes they are guilty of the worst and most blatant scaremongering, as their egregious by-election campaign in Copeland demonstrated in 2017.

But their candidate in the current Hartlepool by election is atrocious even by the low standards set by Labour in Copeland.

Guido Fawkes reports that  Labour’s Hartlepool candidate Dr Paul Williams invited Jonathan Ashworth up to complain about a lack of hip operations in the town. 

Williams accurately said this is the result of cuts, but he failed to be so open about who was responsible for them: Paul Williams himself. 

In 2013 Dr Williams was a commissioner and co-author of the report that recommended the removal of services – including critical care – from Hartlepool Hospital. The recommendation was adopted in full…

Not satisfied with closing down the hospital’s critical care unit, Williams also recommended slashing the number of planned operations, including hip replacements, despite admitting his proposals would “worry” local people:

You couldn't make it up. Unless you are a Labour candidate writing election material about the NHS in which case you can and will make up whatever you like.


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