Vaccination update

Britain has now reached our target of schedule to offer a vaccine to all those in priority groups 1 – 9, meaning the most vulnerable in society have been given precious protection against Covid-19. This allows us to move forwards in our vaccine programme.

  • Ahead of our target date of 15 April, yesterday we hit the significant milestone of offering a vaccine to all those in the priority groups 1 – 9. 
  • This means that all adults over 50, the clinically vulnerable and health and social care workers have now been offered a life-saving Covid-19 jab, nearly 40 million of which have been given in total, and we can prepare to move into the next phase of our vaccination programme following advice from the JCVI on how to carry this out. 
  • We can all be grateful to everyone involved in the vaccine rollout which has already saved many thousands of lives, and the NHS will continue to progress towards our target of offering all adults a vaccine by the end of July.


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