Iain MacWhirter on the SNP

Extracts from an interesting interview with Iain MacWhirter on the Spiked website:

"the Institute for Fiscal Studies" ... "basically says the SNP’s manifesto is a joke and is completely unsustainable without massive tax rises,"

"There are also the authoritarian tendencies that have emerged in the SNP in recent years, which have appalled many people, myself included – not least the Hate Crime Bill." 

"The SNP itself used to be an outsider party which fought for freedom of speech, because it used to be regarded as a traitorous organisation, a bit like the IRA. It had to fight to get freedom of speech to have its own politics recognised. But now it’s trying to clamp down on it. It’s disturbing. Perhaps it just confirms that any government which is in power for too long succumbs to authoritarian tendencies – the SNP’s power has corrupted it."

You can read the full interview here.


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