Recruiting more police


  • When he became Prime Minister, Boris Johnson made a commitment that we would recruit more police officers, cut crime, and make people’s streets safer.
  • Today it was announced that one year into the Conservative government's recruitment programme, nearly 9,000 additional officers have been recruited across England and Wales, meaning that we have smashed our first-year recruitment target, and are well on track to recruit the extra 20,000 new police officers we promised.
  • To build on this progress, we need Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners locally who will work with the Government to recruit police officers and cut crime as we Build Back Safer from the pandemic.
  • And so on 6 May, the choice for the British people could not be clearer – Conservatives who keep their promises and get on with the job of recruiting more police to make our streets and communities safer, or the Labour Party, who are more interested in playing politics than delivering on the people’s priorities.


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