Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Building back better with more opportunities for everyone

Today the government announced a raft of new policies aimed at levelling up opportunity for people and communities across every part of the UK.

  • As the country gets back on its feet, we must renew our commitment to levelling up and tackling the issues that really matter to people.
  • That is why the government has today set out a range of new policies which focus on better access to high-quality education, improved infrastructure in our town centres, and more public sector jobs outside of London.
  • These include:

    • Delivering £830 million to 57 areas to transform high streets into vibrant places to live, work and shop.
    • Investing £10 million to improve the quality of teaching in Plymouth, Ashfield and Mansfield, South Sefton and North Liverpool and North Durham and City.
    • Moving more than 3,000 civil service jobs out of London – ensuring more policy makers reflect the communities they serve.
    • Delivering an £18 million expansion of the Opportunity Areas programme to help vulnerable young people from the most disadvantaged areas in the country.
  • As we recover from the impact of the pandemic, Conservatives are determined to seize the opportunity it presents to create a fairer society, improve lives and build back better once and for all.


Gary Bullivant said...

So, Millom and Cleator Moor have indeed missed out and that business of a promised second bite after the local elections was an admin error, a misunderstanding or, heaven forbid, a punt into the post election long grass?

Chris Whiteside said...

That is not what I am hearing, no.

There is a meeting in the near future to progress all the Towns Fund bids in Copeland - the process is still ongoing.