Cracking down on County lines gangs

Over the last week, frontline police officers have cracked down on County Lines drugs gangs to arrest 1,100 people and seize nearly 300 weapons – protecting our communities and young people from the scourge of illegal drugs.

  • County lines drugs gangs are responsible for terrorising towns, exploiting children and facilitating the illegal drug trade – and we are committed to dismantling these criminal groups once and for all. 
  • That is why the government has backed our police with £65 million to dismantle County Lines over the last two years – allowing them to intensify efforts to shut down drugs gangs that terrorise our towns and resulting in 1,100 arrests, 292 weapons seized and 1,138 vulnerable people and children being safeguarded in the last week.
  • We must back our police to tackle drugs in our communities, whilst making clear that anyone found peddling drugs will be brought to justice – ensuring we can build back safer from the pandemic.


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