Quote of the day 20th may 2021 - Mordaunt telling Rayner to examine the beam in her own eye

Labour's demoted and promoted again Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, thought she would score a few points with her Labour colleagues this week by recycling allegations of "Tory Sleaze." 

So she asked a series of questions in the House of Commons, about various supposed instances of sleaze.

This started to go wrong for Rayner when she was rebuked twice by the Speaker, the Lindsey Hoyle (a former Labour MP who is neutral during his time in the chair) as two of those questions were inappropriate or broke the rules of parliament.

The minister replying, Penny Mordaunt, responded on those issues she was able to address, and then hit Labour's deputy leader with both barrels:

“If you were to take every single MP she’s made an allegation about this afternoon, and you were to look at all the political donations they have received since the pandemic started (since January 2020), if you were to add them all up; if you were to double them – no, Mr Speaker, if you were to quadruple them – you would still just about match what the hon. Lady herself has received in the same time period.”

Mordaunt added, 

“She should thank her lucky stars that we don’t play the same games that she does”.

Guido Fawkes has fact-checked Penny Mordaunt's comeback in detail here and found it to be accurate.


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