Getting protected against the pandemic: why we all need to come forward

As we proceed with the next step in the cautious roadmap to freedom this week, the government and all reputable health experts are urging everyone eligible to come forward and book their vaccinations to ensure that we can protect lives.

  • Getting vaccinated is the most important step we can take to protect ourselves, our families and our communities against Covid-19.
  • Full disclosure: I'm not urging anyone anyone to do anything I have not done myself. I booked both my jabs when the process reached me, had the first one two and a half months ago and will be taking the second one in just under a fortnight.
  • The government, the NHS and all credible health experts are urging everyone who is eligible but has not come forward yet, including 36 and 37 year olds who became eligible yesterday, to get a vaccination as soon as possible. Vaccination will protect you and your loved ones, and help us all get out of this pandemic.
  • Britain has now administered more than 56 million vaccines across the UK, including over 20 million second doses - and we remain on track to offer a vaccine to all adults by the end of July.
  • While the British people are responding incredibly to our call to get the vaccine, the work is not done yet, and everyone to get their jab as soon as they are offered it.
  • There are a very small number of people for whom there are genuine reasons why they should not be vaccinated. If you have any reason to think you or a member of your family might be one of them, discuss it with your GP practice, or with another appropriately qualified medical professional.


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