Monday, July 26, 2021

Beating Crime

Writing in the Sunday Express, the Prime Minister outlined the Government’s Beating Crime plan, setting out proposals to introduce effective localised policing, reduce crime, and make our communities safer - ahead of its publication next week.

  • Far too many of us know the powerlessness and anger felt when we are victims of crime, and despite crime falling by 9% in the year before the pandemic, we must do more to ensure this trend continues.
  • That is why the Prime Minister has outlined a Beating Crime plan, which will introduce a named police contact for every community – someone who knows the strengths and vulnerabilities of our areas and who can provide residents with an officer that sees crime in context.
  • The government will also publish league tables for 999 and 101 call answering times, put more police into dealing with anti-social behaviour, expand the tagging of offenders, intensify our war on county drug lines, and bring together police, employers and health experts to develop practical steps to cut drug abuse across the country.
  • These proposals are another step in our efforts to make communities safer, and by building on the objective of recruiting 20,000 extra police officers and providing police forces with the resources they need, we will continue to cut crime across the country.

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