Saturday, July 24, 2021

Saturday music spot: Grand Admiral Thrawn's Theme from the Star Wars universe

It is extraordinary how much background material exists besides the films for the Star Wars universe, some if it "Canon" (e.g. recognised by Disney who now own te franchise as part of the "official" timeline) and much that currently isn't. 

 A surprising number of the major characters from Star Wars have their own theme tunes, and I rather like this one for Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

For many Star Wars fans, Thrawn, or to give him his full name, Mittth'raw'nuruodo, is their favourite blue-skinned red-eyed military genius. Many, though not all, of the bad guys in the Star Wars universe are almost pure evil and hence a little bit boring. 

Thrown, by contrast, is a much more complex character, and depending on which book you are reading or series you are watching, he varies between a villain who thinks he's a hero, or a good guy who ends up on the wrong side. (Two of the inspirations used by his creator, Timothy Zahn, were Generals Erwin Rommell and Robert E Lee.) 

Anyway, here is the Grand Admiral Thrawn theme.

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