Monday, July 26, 2021

Preparations for COP26

Yesterday and continuing today, the COP26 President-Designate brought together ministers and representatives from more than 50 countries to lay the groundwork for success ahead of November’s COP26 negotiations.

  • Alongside national efforts in tackling climate change, we must work with our international partners to ensure that definitive action is taken to drive down emissions and protect our planet.
  • That is why Alok Sharma has brought together representatives from over 50 countries for two-days of informal, closed-door meetings to encourage frank conversations about the issues in fighting climate change – the first such meeting for more than 18 months.
  • By engaging with difficult issues, representatives will be able to build common ground and find a unity of purpose ahead of November’s COP26 conference, ensuring we remain on track to reduce carbon emissions before it is too late.

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