Thursday, July 15, 2021

Reforming post-16 qualifications

This week the government announced reforms to the choice of post-16 qualifications, making it easier for young people and adults to identify the academic or technical course that is right for them, to level up learning and opportunity across the country.

  • Great qualifications are essential to helping everyone – no matter their age of background – to get good jobs and realise their ambitions.

  • That is why the government has announced reforms that will simplify and streamline the current system, creating two clearly defined paths – academic and technical – for people who have completed GCSEs or similar courses, with apprenticeships, A levels and T Levels becoming the main progressions options.
  • These reforms will make the choice easier for young people and adults, ensuring that whatever qualification a person chooses it will be high-quality and lead to good job prospects as we level up learning across the nation.

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