Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Quote and Comeback of the day 28th July 2021

 An organising campaigning for a republic has a twitter campaign which makes the following point:

"Would you fly British Heir Ways?

It had a picture of a man in a pilot's uniform seated at the controls of an aircraft, holding his thumb up with the captions "I didn't learn to fly, but my dad was a pilot so we'll be OK." and "Hereditary jobs don't work."

Dsnny (@InTheLionsDen_) pointed out this morning on Twitter that this is perhaps not the most ideal analogy for the monarchy with five words:

"We don't elect pilots either."


Anonymous said...

true but we do rely on an examiner, an optician and a doctor to regularly check a pilots competence and fitness.

Chris Whiteside said...

Which is why it is a particularly poor analogy, which was his point.

Nobody in their right mind is suggesting hereditary pilots any more than you would have hereditary doctors, and nobody in their right mid would suggest we elect pilots or doctors either.

However, in the field of politics we have already replaced inheritance with election for the vast majority of important posts and that is the effective choice for the one remaining exception, the monarchy.

So if you are going to argue for a republic, the better analogy to use would not be to compare the monarchy with jobs to which people are appointed based on training and exams, but with posts to which people are elected.