Monday, July 19, 2021

Quote of the day 19th July

"Having seen today’s scenes in Westminster, I’m organising a protest against the Corn Laws tomorrow.  Who’s with me?"

(Dan Hodges on the Anti-Lockdown protexts which took place earlier today, e.g. just after almost all the last remnants of lockdown had been lifted.)

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Jim said...

As they have been "irreverably lifted" - thing is following the gym's saga and how numerous petitions rocketed to a debate, which took weeks due to the time table, then gyms being able to open, then immediatly closing them again. Best one was opening under "tier 3 - and not closing them again under tier 3 the highest one" then after a week inventing "tier 4".

See I have learned to take absolutely anthing out of the mouths of the current government with a cargo ship full of salt. "Irreresibly lifted" just means they call restrictions something else, hey why not just make them laws then they are not restrictions it business as usual.

Boris enjoys his postion with the fact he is less than honest factored in, its not news its just the alternative to the worst govenment in history is acually even worse still.

The current joke on that reputation goes:

Boris goes to visit a small village in Cumbria, he asks the locals what the government can do to help them.

A spokesperson for the village starts "we have two huge shortfalls in our village, Firstly we have raised funds and built our own local health centre, but we cant get a doctor to attend it weekly"

Boris interupts and pulls out his mobile phone, he starts speaking, sometimes raising his voice, then put it down and said "its sorted, a doctor will arrive tomorrow and will hold a surgery here every Tuesday going forward. Now, what is your other shortfall?

"oh, we have no moblie phone signal on any network here"