Friday, July 30, 2021

The UK Vaccination programme is now estimated to have saved 60,000 lives

Figures from Public Health England show that Britain's historic vaccine programme has helped save 60,000 lives, and the government, NHS and health professionals continue to urge everyone, when you get the call, get the jab.

  • Thanks to the continued success of this historic vaccine programme, the present wave of infections seems to be peaking and has not generated the level of hospitalisations and deaths which it previously would have. The majority of people in Cumbria's hospitals with COVID-19 now (late July) actually came into hospital for other conditions. Vaccination is protecting the most vulnerable, as we learn to live with the virus.
  • Our vaccines have already helped prevent 22 million infections and 60,000 deaths, which is why we are encouraging everyone who has not already done so – including young people and pregnant women – to come forward and get the jab.
  • Day by day, jab by jab, we are strengthening our defences against the virus and call on everyone to play their part in this historic effort.
  • If you have any concerns about whether vaccination is right for you or your family, discuss them with your GP, midwife, or an appropriately qualified medical professional.

(From Today's "Independent")


Jim said...

Its great that vaccination is saving lives, even though I tend to take numbers with a pinch of salt. The vaccination program has generally been a success but its been hindered by its "sell".

Im my case i had covid very early on, though i was asymptomatic, the antibody test i took between the first and second wave showed i had the antibodys. I cant see why a passport cant be given following an antibody test, rather than only proof of two vaccines.

I decided i would have the vaccines purly for the passport, already having the antibodies it would not gain me much in health terms. The one with the smallest risk seemed to be the Pfizer one.

The astro zenica vaccine at the time was reported to have blood clotting issues, so a choice of which vaccine was offered to those under 40. The thinking being that to those over 40 the benefit by far outweighed the risk.

The problem was there was no thought to those over 40 who already had natural immunity. A choice was not given. I had even asked for the pfizer vaccine when i booked my appointment and was told "we dont know which vaccines we will have until the day" that is a direct quote and it in itself is a contradiction.

you see i was asked to book both jab appointments at the same time, thus because both jabs have to be the same type they must know in advance which ones they are getting, its pure logic.

There has also been a lot of contradicion around those who chose not to have a vaccine, that is their choice. But people seem to be terrified of catching a virus from them, a virus they are vaccinated against.

I understand some people cant have a vaccine, such as those who have had a transplant and are taking immunosuppression drugs, logic follows that a vaccine wont help them build up an immune response. But how on Earth does a vaccine passport help those people, again logic says they cant have one as they cant have a vacccine.

so why have the vaccine, why not say enter at your own risk. Like we have done for years with every other disease.

Its great that vaccines are helping people but the more the government and others try to force people to have it with passports and things the more they drive people away from it. Constant contradictions and threats have not helped.

Chris Whiteside said...

I accept most of what you say: the vast majority of people can and should get the vaccine, even if they have already had the disease to strengthen their resistance to the disease, but there are some people who cannot.

That's why I put in the line about seeking advice from a qualified medical professional if you have any concerns.

And I agree that persuasion is far better than compulsion. As I understand their policy, the government think the same thing.