A White Advent

Advent Sunday has been a perfect illustration of the number of micro-climates in West Cumbria (or, as we may soon go back to calling it, West Cumberland,)

First thing this morning my wife and I were in the Moor Row part of my council division, and as we left to go to church it was snowing quite heavily and some of the snow had settled - I had to clear it off the windscreen. In Whitehaven it was also snowing, but had not settled.

When we left St James's church at the end of the service, the precipitation had turned entirely to rain, and melted any snow which had managed to settle, but I had occasion to visit Cleator Moor,  Egremont, Bigrigg and return to Moor Row this morning: in all of those places different amounts of snow was still falling, though not as much as earlier in the morning, and different amounts had settled.


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