At COP 26 today ...

Today the Prime Minister urged our international partners and allies at the COP26 Summit to come together and bridge remaining gaps in climate change negotiations to keep 1.5 alive and protect our planet for future generations.

  • COP26 is the world’s last, best chance to reach agreement on the action needed to avert catastrophic climate change, finalise the Paris Agreement and support those already experiencing the effects of global warming. 
  • That is why Britain is urging negotiators from 197 parties to reach agreement on a range of climate change policies, including turning the ambitious promises already made on coal, cars, cash, and trees into real action – pulling out all the stops to keep 1.5 alive. 
  • Tackling climate change is bigger than one nation alone with the most vulnerable nations already experiencing adverse effects – by turning promises into action we can come together for our planet and our people. 


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