Vaccination update

It was confirmed yesterday that over 11 million people have now received a top-up Covid-19 vaccine, giving them vital extra protection as we approach the colder winter months.

  • Britain's vaccine rollout has been a phenomenal success – but we know that immunity begins to wane after six months, so it's most important that everyone eligible gets their booster jab. 
  • New figures show that our booster programme is in full swing, with 11.4 million booster and third jabs having now been administered across the UK – and we’re making it even easier than ever for people to book a booster jab through the National Booking Service, which can now be done five months after people receive their second dose. 
  • The government and the NHS are making every effort to roll out boosters as quickly as possible, giving vital protection to millions of people ahead of winter – if you are eligible, please come forward and get your jab.
  • If you have any concerns about whether the vaccine is right for you or a member of your family, please discuss them with an appropriately qualified medical professional such as your GP or pharmacist.


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