Protecting women and girls in conflict zones.

This week the UK government launched a global campaign to tackle sexual violence in conflict around the world – as we continue to lead the way in helping women and girls everywhere to live without fear of violence.

  • In conflicts around the world women and girls continue to face horrific sexual violence, used as a weapon of war – with perpetrators acting with impunity.
  • That is why under Britain's G7 Presidency we will build on our world leading work to tackle violence against women and girls by hosting a global summit next year on preventing sexual violence in conflict. We are exploring an international convention to make sexual violence in war a red line comparable to chemical weapons and landmine use, and providing an extra £20 million in new funding to support global efforts to help women on the frontline.
  • This will continue our efforts to support women and girls across the globe to live without fear of violence, with access to education and employment, and the chance to reach their full potential.


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