Quote of the day 8th November 2021

"The proposed coal mine is not for energy production – which would be against the government’s Net Zero policy – it is for steel production. 

If the coking coal produced isn’t extracted in the UK it will have to be imported – generating far more pollution. 

Likewise, if steel is not manufactured in the UK it will need to be imported – generating far more pollution. 

The UK coal plant will also be far more environmentally sensitive than the alternative. If Britain is to level up and remain an industrial manufacturer, it is an essential resource…"

("Guido Fawkes" website from a comment piece called "BBC Climate editor loses it with PM over Cumbria Coal Mine" which you can read here.)


Gary Bullivant said…
And how does Paul Staines know any of this with such certainty? Presumably from a briefing given to him by WCM political advisor Tony Lodge and fellow diner at timely party fund raisers.


Even our MP let slip on Friday at Carlisle that she knows that if this coal ever does get produced most of it is likely to end up being used in German power stations to generate electricity.
Chris Whiteside said…
Perhaps he read the title of the planning application?

Or any of the vast amount of public domain information which explains it, such as the officer's report to the planning committees recommending approval.

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