Investing in New Nuclear build

This week the government announced £210 million in new funding to develop small nuclear reactors, creating new high-skilled jobs and a more secure energy system.

  • Nuclear energy provides an opportunity for reliable, affordable, and low carbon energy, whilst also giving us greater energy independence.
  • That is why the government has announced £210 million in funding - matched by £250 million from the private sector - for the design of small nuclear tractors - minature more deployable nuclear reactors - which will allow us to double down on our plan to deploy more home-grown, affordable clean energy. These will be designed and manufactured in the UK, for the UK.
  • This will help to reduce our dependency on volatile fossil fuels and exposure to global price spikes, while creating affordable, cleaner energy for the British people here at home.
  • We need a balanced, low carbon energy policy. Renewables can and must be part of the mix - and so should nuclear power.


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