The Health and Care Bill

 Last night MPs passed the Health and Care Bill in the House of Commons, taking the next steps towards ending the unpredictable and catastrophic care costs faced by thousands of people across the UK.

This bill addresses enormously difficult challenges. I do not think it is perfect or that any party has all the answers to the problems this bill seeks to solve. This government and future governments will need to come back to it. But I do think that this bill gets us forward compares with where Britain is today, and there is no doubt that the regime it brings in is more generous than the current one.

  • One in seven adults over 65 faces care costs over £100,000 over their lifetime – we are committed to delivering world-leading social care across the country through our comprehensive adult social care reforms.
  • We are putting an end to unpredictable costs by introducing an £86,000 limit on the amount people have to pay for their own care, making care affordable by introducing a more generous means test and protecting people’s assets with a daily cost of living limit that goes beyond what was proposed in 2015.
  • These reforms will mean that everyone is better off compared to the current system. More people will be supported with their social care costs, have greater certainty over what they need to pay and receive higher quality care.


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