The PM's comments at COP 26 - pulling out all the stops

Yesterday at COP26, the Prime Minister urged countries to ‘pull out all the stops’ in the final days of the summit, so we can keep 1.5 degrees alive and protect our planet for future generations. 

  • After the announcements last week, we are in the hard yards of international climate diplomacy. With just two days remaining, there is still a huge amount to do.
  • That is why we need better plans for implementation and we have to bridge the gap between where we are and where we need to be if we’re going to cut emissions in half by 2030. We need to pull out all the stops to keep 1.5 alive and make Paris the success the world needs it to be.
  • The beginning of the end of climate change is now in reach, which is why we are urging world leaders to act now to save the planet for future generations.


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