Recruitment, Retention and Training in the NHS

The NHS is more than hospitals. It is nothing without the people who provide care. Many of the most challenging issues within our health service revolve around having enough properly trained professionals to deliver that care and all the other service areas which make up our NHS.

So I was very pleased when this week the government announced plans to put recruitment, training and retention of NHS staff – as well digital transformation – at the heart of the NHS in England, ensuring our health service is fit for the future as we build back better.

  • To ensure that our record investment in the NHS has a lasting impact, we must ensure that workforce planning and digital transformation is placed into the heart of the NHS. 
  • That is why the Conservative government has announced reforms to put the recruitment, training, and retention of staff, as well as digital transformation, at the heart of the NHS – including merging the bodies responsible for the education and training of the health workforce, such as Health Education England, Health NHSX and NHS Digital into NHSE/I.
  • These reforms will help patients benefit from the best possible care, with the right staff in place to meet their needs.


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