Thursday, August 04, 2022

Renewable energy innovation

The government has announced a £37 million funding boost for renewable energy innovation across the UK, securing our energy sovereignty and slashing our dependency on fossil fuels for years to come. 

  • The rise in global gas prices and Putin’s war in Ukraine means securing the UK’s energy sovereignty is more pressing than ever – and accelerating home-grown renewables is central to that mission.
  • That is why the government have announced £37 million for innovative biomass projects across the UK – including 12 projects off the North Yorkshire coast and announcing the 22 winners of the first stage of our Hydrogen bioenergy with carbon capture and storage programme, backed with £5 million
  • This £37 million of investment is good use of taxpayers' money as it will support innovation across the UK, boosting jobs whilst ensuring greater energy security for years to come.
  • And yes, it important to remember that all government money is in fact taxpayers' money - it comes from all of us.

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