Wednesday, February 03, 2016

BT apologises for yesterday's broadband outage

BT has apologised for a problem caused by a faulty router which affected thousands of broadband customers for some two hours yesterday - though it is not true, as was wrongly suggested in some quarters, that the entire BT broadband network went down. The router failed at about 2.30pm and caused the loss of internet service over a significant part of the UK. Service was restored by 4.30pm for the vast majority of those affected.

A public statement issued by BT this morning reads as follows:

"We are confident that services have been fully restored following an outage that affected customers yesterday a faulty router was to blame for the outage and we apologise to those customers who were affected."

The problem did not prevent a fan of the 70's comedy show "the Goodies" getting on line with this explanation of the problem ...

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