Wednesday, February 03, 2016

EU Parliament debates Brexit

There used to be a principle in British and American politics that you didn't slag off your own country's government in front of people from other nations.

It's often associated with Senator Vandenberg, who once said

"politics stops at the water's edge."

Nobody seems to have told Nigel Farage.

The European Parliament's proceedings this morning in preparation for the European Council meeting has permitted discussion of the forthcoming UK referendum and negotiations so I tned in briefly to see what was being said. You can do so at

Unfortunately I missed Syed Kamall's robust defence of the UK position and caught a couple of minutes of Nigel Farage. That's a couple of wasted minutes of my life I will never get back.

One might have hoped that a person who wanted more powers repatriated to Britain might have backed the Prime Minister's demands. But before I turned off in disgust all Mr Farage had to offer was whining and attacking the PM and saying he wasn't going to be offered anything.

Next up after him was Marine Le Pen. No, I have too much work to do this morning to waste any more of my time listening to the likes of the UKIP and Front National leaders.


Jim said...

I am no great fan of Nigel Farage, As I think I have made crystal clear in the past. Nor am I fan of the National front.

I do, However, care a great deal about the future of the UK. The best way for the UK to be a sovereign state, with a voice at the top tables, and once again a very large player on the world stage is to ditch the shackes of the European Union.

I am not interested in accepting the crumbs thown from the table by the EU, I want freedom from the ECJ, Freedom from the CFP, the ability to imporove our own trade deals, a voice at the top tables, freedom to adopt our own VAT laws, freedom to stand on the world stage as a large economy and a great leading nation.

If you think for one single microsecond that our PM going cap in hand to other memberstates asking for permission so that we may set our own rates of benefit to migrants, is the UK showing stregnth, and having more "clout" then I pity you.

Chris Whiteside said...

That's a view, and if Farage had been expressing it in the UK parliament, had he been elected, that would have been fair enough.

Slagging off his own country's government in the European parliament however, achieves nothing positive and, frankly, if someone who thinks that attempting to reform the EU through the European parliament is a waste of time and is not willing to try to do so I would query whether it is right for them to occupy a seat in it or drawing the salary for the position.

Jim said...

I cant stress enough, that I agree with you.

Though I Will add a footnote, RIP to William Bacon, ex mayor and deputy mayor who has lived next door but one to me for a couple of years.

Bill was a really nice man, and was easily approachable, with any issues you ever had. He will be sadly missed.

Chris Whiteside said...

I think William Bacon was mayor before I moved to Cumbria, but I am sure you are right that he will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace.