Monday, February 01, 2016

In their own words

Perhaps one of the reasons politicians are so little respected by the electorate is that they show so little respect to one another. And not just those from different parties either.

You can easily find examples of people from practically any party briefing against or attacking their supposed friends but here are a couple of particularly bad one.

Guido Fawkes reports here how a senior aide to Jeremy Corbyn has been making jokes on social media about how he thinks Cumbria Labour MP John Woodcock should be shot.

And can you guess which political party had a senior member describe the person who has since become their leader as follows:

 "Which bit of the sanctimonious, God-bothering, treacherous little **** is there not to like?”

(answer and link in the comments.)

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Chris Whiteside said...

The Liberal Democrats and their current leader Tim Farron.

According to the Daily Telegraph at:

"a senior Lib Dem once declared of Farron" the words in the quote.