Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Foreign and defence policy review launched

Today the Prime Minister published the Integrated Review, the largest ever review of our defence and foreign policy - setting out a vision for a stronger, more secure, and more prosperous UK.

  • As we strike out into the world as Global Britain – we need an international policy that we do not rely solely on an outdated international system to protect our country’s interests and promote our values. 
  • This review sets out a new foreign policy approach, amplified by record spending on both defence and science, to engage with and support the rest of the world. Alongside our allies and using all the new tools at our disposal, we will help shape a more open international order in which democracies prosper - making the world a safer place.
  • Armed with the recommendations of this review, we can ensure our nation remains secure as we continue to forge an exciting new path on the world stage and seize the opportunities ahead.

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