What a day

Got up early this morning ready to drive to Workington for my COVID-19 Jab. Turned on the computer to double check the details - and just as it came on the lights went out and every burglar alarm in the vicinity started ringing. The power had gone out in a chunk of Corkickle and was to stay out for a couple of hours. Fortunately I had committed the time and address for my appointment to memory so I drove over to Workington, taking with me an electronic device which I hoped to be able to use via the WiFi at the community pharmacy to download my appointment reference. Things did not go as smoothly as I planned - no fault of the very helpful staff at the vaccination centre - but I was eventually able to demonstrate that I had an appointment and had the jab, which went very smoothly. (Memo to self - before the next appointment for my second jab in June, write down the appointment reference.) Arrived home and the power was still out. No router means no logging onto online meetings, and Cumbria Pensions committee was about to start. Frantic ring round for somewhere I could travel to log into the meeting. Helpful CCC officer arranges for me to be able to use a meeting room at West Cumbria House in Lilyhall. Put Pensions committee agenda and CCC laptop into case. Literally just hanging the case over my shoulder before walking out of the front door to drive to Lilyhall, when the power comes back on. So I took them out of the case again and logged in. Much of the rest of the day at Pensions committee. What a day. Never mind, I've had the jab, I did get to most of the meeting, my family are all OK. I think that counts as a result.


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