The COVID-19 Vaccination booking service

The computer booking system for COVID vaccination jabs has been used successfully by vast numbers of people but I have had a bit of feedback - and experienced myself - that it does seem to produce perverse results occasionally.

When I booked my jab, the appointments which the online system offered seemed a bit off the wall. Rather than take the nearest appointment it offered, which was over an hours' drive away (which seemed a bit strange when I live within walking distance of a hospital which has been vaccinating people at a rate of knots) I tried the phone service. That worked perfectly and I can recommend it. 

When you reach the age to be offered a jab, try the online service first at

If that doesn't work or offers you something which doesn't seem to be a good option - like an appointment in Ulverston when you live in Whitehaven, for instance - you can ring 119 between 7am and 11pm, seven days a week. I did this and spoke to a very helpful lady who was able to book appointments for my first jab this coming week and my second one in June, both in Workington. 


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