The UK Defence review

 Today the Defence Secretary outlined the new blueprint for Britain's Armed Forces through the Defence Command Paper - helping plan for the next 10 years with confidence and to ensure our nation’s defence is equipped to face the new and emerging threats we face in an increasingly competitive world.

  • As set out by the Prime Minister through the Integrated Review last week, as we strike out into the world as Global Britain our nation’s defence needs to continue to be prepared to protect our country’s interests and promote our values.
  • The changes outlined in this Command Paper, will set the course for a modernised, threat-focused, and sustainable Defence of the United Kingdom. Backed by £24 billion of additional funding for Defence over the next 4 years, it presents an unprecedented opportunity to modernise our Armed Forces, fit for the threats of a more competitive age and the opportunities of a Global Britain.
  • Alongside our allies and using all the new tools at our disposal, this will ensure we can face the threats of the future head on and that the UK’s Armed Forces are match-fit for a more competitive world.


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