Vaccination update

Last night the Prime Minister reassured the nation that not only are the vaccines safe and effective, but we have the supply we need to meet our targets – meaning our progress towards freedom continues unchecked.

  • Our route to freedom depends on the continued success of our vaccine programme, and while we have vaccinated 25 million people across the UK, we know many want the reassurance that our vaccines are safe and in supply.
  • Our independent MHRA, having regularly reviewed the evidence, has confirmed the vaccine is safe, and we also welcome the scientific conclusion of the European Medicines Agency that it is both safe and effective.
  • We have made clear that interruptions in supply are inevitable in a programme of this scale and pace, and we are on course to offer a first dose to all those over 50 by 15 April, every adult by the end of July and give around 12 million people their second dose next month.
  • Vaccines offer us a safe path out of this pandemic, and the best way we can reclaim the things we love, see our family and friends again, and return to our normal way of life is to get the jab when our turn comes.
  • Yesterday (Thursday 18th March 2021) a total of 660,276 doses were administered in the UK nationwide. That included 528,260 first jabs and 132,016 second doses 
  • That took the number who have had at least one dose past 26 million and the number who have had both past two million - to be precise 26,263,732 people have now had a first dose and 2,011,070 have had a second dose
  • In related news the seven day rolling average for the number of deaths following a positive test fell below a hundred yesterday for the first time since October

  • Of course, that is still 98 too high but this represents an enormous improvement, a great victory over this disease for the NHS staff who have worked so hard to care for everyone, the people of the country  the vast majority of whom have been responsibly following the guidelines, and yes, the vaccination programme.


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