The largest ever review of Britain's foreign and defence policy


We are defining a new vision of a truly Global Britain:

  • Publishing the deepest and most radical review of our defence and foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. The Integrated Review is the largest review of its kind, examining every element of our foreign policy, defence and security – and then going further to look at how UK defines it place in the world. It is different from previous reviews since it addresses national security, foreign policy and the government's approach to the global economy together, setting out the Prime Minister’s vision for 2030 and how we will use the full range of our international policy to achieve it.
  • Using Britain's sovereignty to forge new friendships and strengthen existing ones. Our departure from the EU has provided our nation with an  opportunity to reconsider many aspects of our domestic and foreign policy, building on existing friendships but also looking further afield, such as Indo-Pacific – as we strike new free trade deals and forge new lasting relationships.
  • Modernising our approach to meet the challenges our nation faces in a more competitive world. A defence of the status quo is no longer sufficient for the decade ahead if our nation is to get by and thrive in this challenging environment. Our new approach will ensure that we are prepared for these new challenges and stand ready to protect our nation and our way of life.
  • Using Britain's presidency of the G7 to forge new partnerships and initiatives which will make the world a more secure place. We will use our G7 presidency to foster ideas for a new world treaty on pandemic preparedness and continue to play a leading international role in collective security, multilateral governance, global health, conflict resolution and poverty reduction.
  • We will continue to use our world leadership on addressing the climate change to encourage global action to build back greener. Through our hosting of COP 26 and our trail-blazing credentials as the first major economy to commit to achieving net zero by 2050, Britain will continue to be a global leader on the environment and green technology – leading from the front as we call on the international community to tackle climate change once and for all.

We are strengthening our national defense and preparing our nation for the future:

  • Continuing to defend our people, territory, critical national infrastructure, our precious democratic institutions and public services, and our way of life. Through our continued strengthening of our homeland security, we will build on firm foundations in counterterrorism, intelligence, cyber security. We will seek to match this excellence in other areas, through enhanced capabilities and appropriate legal powers that equip us to meet rapidly changing threats.
  • Backing our nation’s defence with the largest investment since the Cold War. This injection of £16.5 billion over four years will make sure our nation’s defence is ready and able to adapt and defend against the ever changing range of threats our country faces – ensuring we have the tools and skills to keep our nation safe and prospering.
  • Removing the cap on our nuclear deterrent – showing those who wish us harm our resolve in keeping our nation safe. We have a long and proud record on our supporting and investing in our ultimate grantee of our nation’s security – our nuclear deterrent. This move will leave those who would wish us harm in no doubt about our steadfast commitment to retaining, investing in and continuing with our support for the UK’s nuclear deterrent.
  • Working with our allies, NATO and our European partners to make the world a safer place. Britain's commitment to European security is unequivocal, through NATO, the Joint Expeditionary Force and strong bilateral relations. There are few more reliable and credible allies around the world than the UK, with the willingness to confront serious challenges and the ability to turn the dial on international issues of consequence.
  • We will invest and develop new technologies and skills to ensure we have the capability and resources to respond and adapt to 21 century threats. Through our record levels of investment, we will continue to protect our nation, our people and our values across the new frontiers and challenges that cyber and space present.
  • We will not hesitate to respond to the growing threat posed by state actors in the Indo-Pacific. China’s increasing international assertiveness and the growing importance of the Indo-Pacific demands we take a new approach shifting our focus on this region of the world. We will use our economic, trade, defence and diplomatic means to help foster stability and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.

Harnessing the strength of our nation and our Union:

  • Driving defence investment back into our communities, ensuring the UK is at the cutting-edge of innovation and creating an entire nation that is match-fit for a more competitive world. Our £24 billion programme of investment in defence will allow us to invest in cutting-edge technology while creating 40,000 British jobs over the next four years – as we build back better.
  • Investing in our defence industry in every corner of our Union. From building ships in Scotland, manufacturing armoured vehicles in Wales, mining lithium in Cornwall and manufacturing satellites in Northern Ireland we will harness the very best of British technology, skill and science across the width of the United Kingdom bringing new jobs, investment and opportunities.
  • Ensuring our international policy thinking is driven by the whole UK. We are increasing the number of Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office jobs in Scotland to by 500, taking the total number of jobs based in Scotland to 1,500. Further jobs will also be created outside of London by the establishment of the new National Cyber Security Force HQ in the North of England and trade hubs in Wales and Northern Ireland. These new jobs will allow us to harness the very best talent from every corner of the UK.


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