Outdoor sport resumes this week

With outdoor sport returning, the Prime Minister has urged people to get out and get active so we can build back fitter, healthier and happier from this pandemic.

  • We all understand how much all of us have missed the camaraderie and competition of organised sport, and how difficult restrictions on physical activities have been, and we are determined to help people emerge from lockdown more active.
  • That is why with teams returning to outdoor pitches, courts, parks and fields today, the Prime Minister has urged everyone to target at least sixty minutes of activity a week for their children, or two and a half hours for adults, and we are working with schools to see how we can get children fit and fully active in the coming months, both at school and during the holidays.
  • Sport and physical activity are at the heart of our national recovery, and by giving everyone the chance to pursue the activities they love we can build back fitter and healthier from this pandemic.


Jim said…
Build back fitter?

the gyms have been shut for months, everytime there was a lockdown there was a petition to open them. The worst one was with the tiers, open gyms under tier 3, took parliament the usual weeks to debate, they finally did and said gyms will open under tier 3, a few days later invented tier 4 to close them again.

I will also state that closing gyms and sports facilitys whilst ensuring that McDonalds and KFC are essential business is not the actions of a govenment who cares about peoples health.

These over long draconian blooming pointless lockdowns are, and alway have been, causing more problems than they solve.

You absolutely can not have it that the government are the friends of gyms, sport and physical activity when they have done everything possible to stop it taking place.
Chris Whiteside said…
There is a plan to re-open them and we took a step towards it this week.

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